Real DevOps For Your Small Team or Startup

Plan and Prepare

Develop your team's DevOps practice alongside an accomplished DevOps Engineer with over a decade of startup and small company experience.

Design DevOps, Engineering, and Security roadmaps with your team's specific vision or priorities in mind.

Prepare your team with discovery sessions that can cover everything from architecture, process, or technology reviews.

Get the most out of your team with hiring or interview consultations, workshops, or whiteboard sessions with your engineers or managers.

Implement Your DevOps Goals

Know what you want but just want some Engineering muscle to get it done? No problem.

Scale out your team with an experienced DevOps and Automation Engineer with unique specializations in:  Infrastructure-as-Code, Terraform, Packer, Jenkins, Serverless (Lambda or Cloud Functions), Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud, Docker, Kubernetes, and many more.

Hire in short engagements or for long multi-month or yearlong engagements. Contact for more information and rates.

Meet your DevOps Expert

Chris Proto, DevOps Specialist, AWS Cloud Certified

Chris Proto


DevOps Engineer


Articles, musings, and How-Tos

Welcome Mike DeFrancesco to the DevOps Gorilla Team!

I am delighted to announce that Mike DeFrancesco has joined the DevOps Gorilla team as our very first Cloud Specialist. Mike will provide premium support for our clients in AWS, Google Cloud, and Azure. Back in 2018, I decided I wanted to start a company to provide organizations support for Cloud Native solutions and DevOps […]

Stop Prematurely Scaling: You’ll Fail Every Time

A good friend of mine just started a new startup gig. He’ll be their company’s “ops-focused” developer (they aren’t at the size yet to staff a full Engineering Operations team of any flavor). It’s a great opportunity for growth albeit an understandably scary position. His company is starting to hit its stride and he’s expected […]