Chris has over a decade of programming, development, and leadership experience. His passions include computing and IT operations with a primary focus on developing DevOps culture. Chris also has a passion for education, both learning and teaching. Chris cites himself as a professional amateur and likes jamming on the piano or harmonica.

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How to Set Up Logging with Rails on Heroku and Splunk Cloud

Heroku is a fast, simple way to deploy web applications. With the Heroku Getting Started guide, you can get an application deployed within minutes. However, sometimes what makes Heroku simple also makes it difficult to customize the deployment when there’s not an available plugin. Recently, I ran into this issue while integrating a client’s Heroku applications […]

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AWS Week In Review: AWS AppSync and Amplify

It was a slower week of announcements following the San Francisco summit. But, there still a few interesting, new things all the same.  Here’s the latest and greatest… AWS AppSync: GraphQL as a Service What is GraphQL? GraphQL is a different kind of API that typically works best with a rich frontend application and a […]

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AWS Week In Review April 10 2018

Here’s my latest commentary on the last week in Amazon Web Services announcements… zomg. New Shiny Things. Last week, Amazon Web Services had their annual San Francisco summit. Along with this year’s summit, there were lots of new service announcements AWS Secrets Manager: store, manage, rotate, and retrieve secret data.  This is a full-fledged service […]

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AWS Week In Review: April 3 2018

Here’s your weekly breakdown of all things AWS…and lot’s of stuff this week ranging from new pricing tiers to new Alexa for Business features. AWS Web Application Firewall Available in US East (Ohio) Good news for anyone with their cloud infrastructure hosted in Amazon’s other US-East region (Ohio). This week, Amazon launched their Web Application […]

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How To Set Up a Serverless React Application with AWS S3 and CloudFront

Today’s DevOps tools allow for much more flexible deployments and application workflows. One interesting pattern I’ve seen develop is a Serverless React application. In this post, I’ll go through one of the quickest and easiest ways to get started with this style of application. If you would like to skip the article and access the […]

Tech Review: Jenkins X

What’s JenkinsX?  How is it different from regular Jenkins?  I did some investigating into this project and tested out the tool myself. What I found was a new compelling tool that could signal a possible future for Software Development and DevOps.  Keep reading and I’ll share my full assessment and takeaways.   Simply stated, JenkinsX […]

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AWS Week In Review: March 26 2018

Here’s your weekly breakdown of all things AWS… Lambda Debugging Features Added to Browser-based IDE Anyone that has worked with Lambda’s has felt the pain of debugging when something isn’t working correctly. Debugging in Lambda often feels like the stone age of programming with no good options available. Any deep effort usually devolves into a […]

Simple Is Not Easy: Why Application Architectures Fail and How To Avoid It

It used to fascinate me why some applications broke down over time and other applications continued to deliver value for years and years.  What makes some system architectures rot over time and others stay strong and useful? Keep reading while I discuss why this happens. Why Do Some Architectures Fail and Others Thrive? Software Architecture […]

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AWS Week In Review: March 20 2018

Here’s your weekly breakdown of all things AWS… AWS Serverless Application Model Gets Additional Features AWS Serverless Application Model (shortened to AWS SAM) is AWS’ official answer to “how do I manage my Lambda functions?” It attempts to both standardize how Serverless applications declare themselves and provides a framework for Release Management that rides on the […]