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Stop Prematurely Scaling: You’ll Fail Every Time

A good friend of mine just started a new startup gig. He’ll be their company’s “ops-focused” developer (they aren’t at the size yet to staff a full Engineering Operations team of any flavor). It’s a great opportunity for growth albeit an understandably scary position. His company is starting to hit its stride and he’s expected […]

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How To Set Up a Serverless React Application with AWS S3 and CloudFront

Today’s DevOps tools allow for much more flexible deployments and application workflows. One interesting pattern I’ve seen develop is a Serverless React application. In this post, I’ll go through one of the quickest and easiest ways to get started with this style of application. If you would like to skip the article and access the […]

Simple Is Not Easy: Why Application Architectures Fail and How To Avoid It

It used to fascinate me why some applications broke down over time and other applications continued to deliver value for years and years.  What makes some system architectures rot over time and others stay strong and useful? Keep reading while I discuss why this happens. Why Do Some Architectures Fail and Others Thrive? Software Architecture […]