Automate (Un)Installation of AWS CloudWatch Agent in Systems Manager

AWS CloudWatch Agent comes installed on Amazon Linux 2 AMI and other AMIs. However, you may run into older AMIs or custom AMIs that don’t include the CloudWatch Agent.  If you need to install, uninstall, or reinstall CloudWatch Agent on a Linux EC2 instance follow these steps. I’m going to assume you have an EC2 […]

Gears linked together

Automate Setup of EC2 Disk and Memory Metrics using AWS CloudWatch Agent and Systems Manager

Amazon Web Services offers a plethora of services that easily customize an environment while remaining cost-effective for a business. Usually, the tricky part is piecing together the different services to form a fully functioning system. In this blog post, I use IAM, EC2, CloudWatch, and AWS Systems Manager (SSM) to create a scalable system that […]

Tech Review: Jenkins X

What’s JenkinsX?  How is it different from regular Jenkins?  I did some investigating into this project and tested out the tool myself. What I found was a new compelling tool that could signal a possible future for Software Development and DevOps.  Keep reading and I’ll share my full assessment and takeaways.   Simply stated, JenkinsX […]