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AWS Week In Review: April 3 2018

- Updated April 3, 2018

Here’s your weekly breakdown of all things AWS…and lot’s of stuff this week ranging from new pricing tiers to new Alexa for Business features.

AWS Web Application Firewall Available in US East (Ohio)

Good news for anyone with their cloud infrastructure hosted in Amazon’s other US-East region (Ohio). This week, Amazon launched their Web Application Firewall and their Shield (DDOS protection) service.

If you are interested in using a Web Application Firewall for your application, I recommend reading my article on how misunderstood WAF systems can be.


Read more here about the AWS announcement


Amazon’s Serverless Container Platform Gets Cool New Features

DNS-based Service Discovery and new monitoring features are now available for Amazon Fargate, the “don’t care about managing servers” service for running container-based applications.

This moves the ball forward on running real, Production-ready applications on Fargate by making it easier to monitor your applications running in Fargate. I know it’s nice not to worry about the underlying host configuration, but I’d still like to see some customization options and better support for certain Docker options.  Though, to be fair, the ECS team seems to be enthusiastically adding these features slowly but surely.

I also can’t help but think that EKS, Amazon’s managed Kubernetes services, is just around the corner…


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