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AWS Week In Review May 9 2018

- Updated May 8, 2018

Please excuse the week hiatus.  I was travelled to lovely Washington D.C. last week.  I’m back now and ready to rock and roll.

Here’s the latest news in Amazon Web Services this week…


CI/CD Developments (AWS Code Pipeline/Build)

It was a good week to be an AWS customer and Continuous Delivery / Continuous Deployment practitioner.  Last week, Amazon Web Services announced additional features to their CodePipeline and CodeBuild services — services that work as building-block components to create CI/CD systems in AWS.  CodePipeline offers a way to connect executional steps together like “Run this Shell Script” or “Run these Automated Tests”.  CodeBuild provides serverless, pay-as-you-go Docker agents to turn source code into runnable applications.

CodePipeline sneaks in support for GitHub webhooks. This makes it easier to trigger a pipeline of tasks when a code change occurs or a Pull Request is merged. CodePipeline still lags behind solutions like CircleCI and CodeShip but AWS’ continued development and CodePipeline’s out-of-the-box AWS integrations makes it a interesting service to watch.

CodePipeline still isn’t my favorite CI/CD service and one that I don’t often recommend. However, if Amazon continues to support it, then I can see this being one of the top CI/CD services in the market.

Read more about CodePipeline here

For CodeBuild, Amazon released support for local testing. This way operators and build engineers can run CodeBuild scripts in their local, development environment in a simulated CodeBuild environment.  My understanding is this new feature helps orchestrate the Docker container setup and is able to read and parse the CodeBuild spec files that developers can use to define the build steps.

This will be super handy for complex build configuration that may require several steps or iterations to complete.

Read more about this feature here


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